Happy International Women’s Day

Today I am thankful for women around the world. From my mother, currently working with USAID in Nairobi, to the mothers and daughters in Afghanistan, especially those who are juggling work, raising a family, and pursuing an education, while a whirlwind of political posturing and beating of chests plays out in the background. In Afghanistan and in other conflicted lands, women so often act as a mediating force of reason, likely to think of the greater good and of future generations before acting selfishly.

I was invited to screen my film yesterday for the FTC’s Office of Equal Employment Opportunity in honor of Women’s History Month, and for the first time it struck me how none of the women mention politics or war as a solution to anyone’s problems. It’s quite amazing, in this time of international belligerence made worse by electoral politics, to think how many voices for peace and sensibility are silenced because of their gender. So let’s be thankful for the women who have made their voices be heard. And let’s hope for more civility from our elected leaders when it comes to women’s issues. I’ve heard Americans, politicians and pundits alike, proudly spouting hateful agendas recently that seem to contradict the moral reasons the same people claimed were the grounds for war against the Taliban just a decade ago.

We can do much better than that! To close, I’d like to share my favorite Beastie Boys quote: “To all our mothers and our sisters and our wives and friends, we’d like to offer our love and respect to the end”. Have a great week!




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